a special one-day workshop for those of you pining for Palomar,
and for those who never went but wish you had!
Offered by the San Diego Early Music Society and the San Diego County Recorder Society
on Saturday June 8 at Cuyamaca College from 9am to 4:30 pm


Name: ______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________


Phone number(s):______________________________________________________

Email: ______________________________________________________________

Instruments played ____________________________________________________


Do you sing?_________________ Voice type?________________________

You can take ALL or NONE of the following special classes (or any number in between).
Which one(s) would you like?

Intermediate recorder (with Rotem) ______ Advanced recorder (with Rotem)______

Intermediate viol (with Shanon)______  Advanced viol (with Shanon)__________

Which recorders will you bring and play?   S  A T B GB other

Which viol(s)  will you bring and play? treble tenor bass other

Singing and playing in broken consorts for everyone will be provided continuously throughout the day.  
All voices and  “soft” early instruments welcome!
Registration at 9am – downbeat at 9:30am.
Lunch is included in the price.

Please send a check for $45 payable to San Diego Early Music Society to:
Penny Hawkins, PO Box 60638, San Diego, CA 92166.  
Call 619-226-1023 with questions, or email

Your response is requested by May 25, 2013.